My Vision for Gloucester

A place where a child born here can get a first-rate public education, find a good job, raise a family, live in a decent home, and, when the time comes, retire in the community that has always been home.

Nothing is more important to the future of our city than building and strengthening our economic base. I am committed to bringing new industries and new jobs to Gloucester—jobs that will broaden our tax base and provide real opportunities for the next generation. Getting the Fuller School site into productive use as a tax- and job-generating development is critical to moving forward.

My experience on the City Council's Budget and Finance Committee has provided me with an understanding of how the city works and how it can be made more efficient.  It all begins and ends with the budget. To provide the services we need and to be the kind of city I hope for, we must ensure that every penny the city spends goes toward improving the quality of life and services for all of our citizens.

 A 21st century vision. l helped to bring the Gloucester Engineering wind turbines to our city. The turbines stand for all to see as symbols of the new Gloucester, and they contribute hundreds of thousands of  dollars annually to support city services.  As a member of the Harbor Planning Committee, I worked with other citizens to help preserve our most precious asset, at the same time positioning the harbor to be a focus of our future growth.

Our city's future depends on a vibrant public school system. For our children to thrive, they must have access to a 21st century education. Businesses looking to locate in a community demand skilled workers. If Gloucester is to compete, our children must receive a world-class education.

Bringing people together to find common ground is one of my strengths. I have built my reputation on working together with my fellow Councilors and mayoral administrations to build consensus among communities with divergent interests and opinions. I will create neighborhood councils and meet with them frequently to ensure that people’s voices are heard in the Mayor’s office.

Gloucester has been my home for forty years. My wife, Catherine, and I raised our family here. I was here for the Blizzard of ’78 and the Blizzards of ’15. I have seen good times and lean times, but I have always believed in the idea that is Gloucester. I hope to lead the city as we meet more challenges and—as we have in the past—create a bright and hopeful future.


Please explore my website to learn more about my background, values, experience, and priorities.

Click here to see my announcement of candidacy for mayor

More than 125 people turned out on April 25 at the Gloucester House for Paul McGeary’s official announcement of his candidacy for mayor of Gloucester. The audience, which included current and former city and state officials, heard Paul outline his plans to keep Gloucester a “City of Opportunity.”


Gloucester House’s Lenny Linquata introduced Paul. After his remarks, in which he called for a focus on job creation and education and a renewed openness to public participation in local government, Paul fielded questions from the audience in a freewheeling discussion of city issues that ranged from plans to preserve the fishing industry to how much “free cash” the city should maintain and from composting to ways to make the city more accessible to persons with disabilities.

Campaign kickoff, Saturday, April 25, 2015.